New Covid-19 Antibody Test

This test is quite different from the currently used antigen test

The antibody test is a formal blood sample test looking for evidence that your body has been producing antibodies. If this test is positive (and the test is very accurate indeed) it means you must have been exposed to the coronavirus at some point in the last month or two. You may not even have been aware you had the infection, as many people are completely symptom free.

Sadly, it does not mean you are immune. There is just not enough information to know if your antibodies will keep being made by your body in future.

Also, even though you are not currently infected, you could still accidentally be helping to pass the virus on if you stop being careful. For example, if someone with the virus touches you, and you then touch another person, the virus can be passed along. So the advice to wash your hands, socially distance etc. is still really important.

The government have announced this new antibody test, but it will take a little time to get this servcie up and running. We have been in contact with our CCG and today we recieved some more information:

  • East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust have begun testing already
  • They are prioritising the acute health staff first before expanding the test to the community staff
  • We are still waiting to hear when public testing will start.

As always, we will update you when we have more information.

Published: Jun 1, 2020

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