A New Covid-19 Tial

There is a new trial called the PRINCIPLE trial set up by Oxford. It will involve hundreds of GP practices across the UK. It will enable researchers to look at different treatments such as hydroxychloroquine that could help treat COVID-19 symptoms in older people.

The aim is to find medicines that can help people with COVID-19 symptoms get better quickly and stop them needing to go to hospital. The trial is recruiting participants through their website by clicking here.

They are looking to recruit:

  • Anyone with a new or worsening cough or high temperature aged 65 years or older


  • Anyone with those symptoms aged under 65 who also has one or more of the following:
    • Weakened immune system due to a serious illness or medication (e.g. chemotherapy)
    • Asthma or lung disease
    • Heart disease and/or hypertension
    • Diabetes not treated with insulin
    • Stroke or neurological problems
    • Mild hepatic (liver) impairment

The recruitment must happen within 14 days of developing symptoms. All you have to do is click the link above and you can fill in an online form. If you are deemed eligible by the researchers you will then be allocated to either the group that recieves the current covid-19 management or to the group that recieves medication.  

Published: Jun 3, 2020

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