Nurse Team





Our nursing team offer comprehensive nursing skills such as dressings, injections, ear syringing and blood tests, as well as individually specialised services including asthma clinics, diabetes clinics, hypertension clinics and family planning advice.

They also administer holiday immunisations, perform cervical smears and other health checks.

We remind you that it is advisable to have: Tetanus booster every ten years. Polio booster every ten years until forty years of age. Cervical smear every three years (women)

If you are a new patient you are welcome to a health check with the nurse when you register. This helps the doctor as it takes some time for your records to reach us and we then have some background information.

  • Heather Paxman
  • Dani Garnham
  • Alice Roper
  • Lydia Crawford
  • Marley Curtis
  • Leanne Webb
  • Shelley Sheldrake (Nurse Associate)