Covid-19 Vaccination

We are thrilled to inform our patients that we will be undertaking the covid vaccination programme at our Hadleigh practice starting This week. The service will run collaboratively with our two local practices, Constable Country Practice at East Bergholt and Bildeston Health Centre. The two hubs will be Hadleigh and East Bergholt practices.
We will not be writing to patients to invite them due to the short notice we are given on the start day to deliver the programme. Instead we will call our patients from the surgery by telephone to invite you to attend either the Hadleigh or East Bergholt site. This may change as we move through the cohorts. Please can we request that you do not call us, we will call you.
Patients will be invited following the strict criteria we have to follow. The first cohort will be patients aged 80 and over. We cannot vaccinate you earlier outside your cohort.
We need your help to communicate this information to relatives, friends and neighbours in this cohort who do not have access to social media or the internet, by letting them know that we will be calling them in early January.
Please be patient with us, the role out of the covid vaccination programme requires a lot of planning in order for us all to deliver safely and efficiently while we continue to run our normal service. Some useful Q&As can be found in our covid section here
Thank you

Published: Jan 5, 2021

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