Medication Reviews




In 2023 we will be making a small change to our medication review process and we will be contacting all patients on a repeat prescription for an annual review, this will ideally be within birth months. 

The purpose of this review is to complete important checks to ensure the medicines are still doing their job and are not causing any problems and that conditions are monitored.

In the initial stages we will send a pre-scheduled appointment with a GP, Clinical Pharmacist or Nurse Practitioner, this could be either over the phone or F2F depending on the condition.

In advance of the medication review tests may be made to determine whether the medicine is working (e.g. blood pressure checks, blood test or online survey). Monitoring may be necessary for the type of medication that you are on.

If you do not attend a medication review when requested this will result in restrictions to ongoing prescription requests until such time that a medication review has been completed. This is to ensure that we are prescribing safely on an ongoing basis.

Published: Apr 4, 2023