Zero Tolerance Policy


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We all have bad days, and when we feel ill we may feel 'down' and a little more irritable than normal. All our staff are here to help you. Reception staff are following procedures that help the practice to function efficiently. Staff have the right to work in a safe and secure environment and we, as employers, have the legal responsibility to provide that safe and secure environment.

Removal from the List

In exceptional circumstances, a breakdown may occur between a doctor and his patient. If the breakdown is of a serious nature e.g. serious physical or verbal abuse to any member of the practice team, the GP may feel that the doctor/patient relationship has been compromised. Steps may then be taken to have a patient removed from the GP’s list. Where possible, conciliation would always be the preferred route, however if this is not possible, the reasons for removal will be given in writing.


Zero Tolerance Policy

As an employer, the practice has a duty to care for the health and safety of its staff. The practice also has a legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for staff and patients. All patients are expected to behave in an acceptable manner and violent or abusive behaviour towards staff or patients may result in removal from our practice list or even criminal proceedings. The practice follows the NHS guidance concerning Zero Tolerance.

The Practice has a policy of Zero Tolerance in respect of verbal and physical violence or abuse towards GP’s, staff or other patients.

The practice will issue a warning letter to any patient who behaves or speaks in an unacceptable way towards any member of our practice team, fellow patients or any member of public within the practice premises.  If this behaviour is repeated, we will then remove the patient from our practice list.

All instances of actual physical or verbal abuse on a doctor or member of staff, by a patient or their relatives, will be reported to the police as an assault and the patient will immediately be removed from the practice list.  The patient must then be registered with Primary Care Services under the Violent Patient Scheme and will not be allowed to return to this practice.

We expect all patients to be responsible and avoid attending the surgery under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Any alteration of prescriptions is illegal and will not be tolerated.

If at any point, you are seriously unhappy with the quality of service you have the right to either make a formal complaint, or register with another practice without notifying us.

Examples of Unacceptable Standards of Behaviour:

  • Excessive noise eg recurrent loud or intrusive conversation or shouting.
  • Threatening or abusive language involving swearing or offence remarks.
  • Derogatory racial or sexual remarks.
  • Malicious allegations relating to members of staff, other patients or visitors.
  • Offensive sexual gestures or behaviours.
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs on practice premises.
  • Drug dealing on practice premises.
  • Wilful damage to practice property.
  • Threats or threatening behaviour.
  • Theft
  • Any incident in which “an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work”
  • The intentional application of force to the person of another, without lawful justification, resulting in physical injury or personal discomfort
  • The use of inappropriate or discriminatory words or behaviour causing distress and/or constituting harassment
  • Behaviour that is hostile, destructive and/or violent
  • Unreasonable demands and impossible requests
  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour, such as shouting or personal insults, in person or via social media
  • Discrimination or harassment when related to a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010
  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Spreading malicious rumours or gossip or insulting someone         
  • Stalking
  • Offensive comments/jokes or body language
  • Persistent and unreasonable criticism
  • Coercion, such as pressure to subscribe to a particular political or religious belief